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In February 2010 the Big Lottery Fund issued an invitation to tender for three Community Planning Pilot Projects and a Learning, Support and Toolkit contract. Its decision to do so was:

  • in response to the planned introduction of Community Planning in June 2011;
  • in recognition that the community and voluntary sectors (CVS) are under-resourced to participate in Community Planning on an equal footing;
  • designed to support the CVS to fully engage in Community Planning. 

The contract for learning, support and production of a Toolkit was awarded to Community Places in the summer of 2010 and encompassed:

  • working with the three Community Planning Pilot Projects to identify and report on the learning and the lessons for Community Planning in the future;
  • supporting the development of the three Pilot Projects by providing access to learning opportunities and resources on Community Planning practices and engagement models; and
  • developing a Toolkit to support the community and voluntary sectors' involvement in future Community Planning processes.