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Outcomes Approach

This section of the toolkit focuses on

Outcomes Approach

  • explaining the logic of an outcomes-based approach
  • suggesting how an outcomes approach should be applied to community planning
  • provides tools and pointers to good practice

Clarity about outcomes is essential for any purposeful activity. Outcomes do not exist in isolation they are part of an overall plan. Nor are they mysterious and technical. They simply mean ‘clearly stated results for the people and organisations who are supposed to benefit’.



  1. Why focus on outcomes? (page 3)
  2. Emergence of outcomes (page 5)
  3. Outcomes about what? (page 6)
  4. Comparative experience: Community Planning in Scotland (page 7)
  5. Putting the CVS in the lead (and an exercise) (page 9)
  6. Championing community and voluntary sector outcomes (page 12)
  7. Establishing community indicators (page 14)
  8. Selecting Outcomes (page 16)
  9. Finding and using evidence of outcomes (page 18)
  10. Summary of Key Points (page 20)

Download the full Outcomes Approach section of the Toolkit.

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