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Resources - Community Planning


Transforming Neighbourhoods (Case Studies about Empowerment)

Fife's Community Plan (2011-2020)

Newport Single Integrated Plan (2013)

Buchan Local Plan 2012 Update (Aberdeen)

Improving Community Planning in Scotland (2013 Audit)

One Conwy Working Together for a Better Future (2012-2015)

Bath and Somerset Sustainable Community Strategy 2009-2026

Wales Community Planning Guidance on Community Planning (2010)

Statement of Community Ambition

Dundee Partnership (2005) Dundee Community Plan 2005-2010

Dundee Partnership (2013) Single Outcome Agreement for Dundee 2013-2017

Dundee Partnership (2013) Single Outcome Agreement Delivery Plan for Dundee 2013-2017

R1 Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 2014.
R2 OFMDFM (2005) Case Study Analyses for RPA on Community Planning in Operation within the UK and Ireland. Blake Stevenson Ltd.
R3 Scottish Executive (2003) The Local Government in Scotland Act. Edinburgh.
R4 Belfast Community Planning Pilot (2012) Delivering Community Planning. Belfast City Council.
R5 Cardiff a Proud Capital (2010) Cardiff What Matters 2010 - 2020 The 10 Year Strategy.
R6 Newport City Council (2005) A Community Strategy for Newport Building Our Future Together 2005 – 2015.
R7 Fingal Development Board (2009) Fingal Strategy 2009-2012 Building a Better. Dublin.
R8 Falkirk Community Planning Partnership (2010) The Falkirk Area Strategic Community Plan 2010-2015 Moving Forward Together.
R9 East Ayrshire Council East Ayrshire The Community Plan 2015.
R10 Dumfries and Galloway Together is Better A Community Plan for Dumfries and Galloway2009-2012.
R11 The Sunderland Partnership Sunderland…For a better future 2008-2025. The Sunderland Strategy 2008-2025.
R12 Falkirk Community Planning Partnership. Grangemouth Local Community Plan.
R13 Community Planning in Dundee Bridge of Don Neighbourhood Community Plan 2010/11.
R14 Annandale & Eskdale Rural Partnership Annandale & Eskdale Community Plan 2006- 2011.
R15 Dunmanway Interagency Committee (2007) Dunmanway Integrated Development Strategy.
R16 Derry and Strabane Community Planning Pilot (2011) Draft Waterside Plan 2011. RMS McClure Watters.
R17 Dundee Partnership East End Local Community Plan
R18 Fife Community Learning and Development Partnership The Learning Kingdom Community Learning and Development Strategy 2004-2007.
R19 Cardiff Proud to Deliver Communities Business Plan 2011-2014.
R20 Falkirk Community Planning Partnership Falkirk Joint Health Improvement Plan 2008-2010.
R21 Carnegie UK Trust (2011) The Power of the Plan. Fife.
R22 Ballyhoura Development Ltd (2011) Innovative approaches to participative community based socio-economic planning: Developing a model to underpin the sustainability of Ireland's local communities.
R23 Department for the Environment and Local Government Interdepartmental Taskforce Guidelines for CDB City/County Development Strategies and Review of CDB Strategies.
R24 Lacy, D.P. et al (2002) Strengthening Communities, Enhancing Cooperative Extension’s Role National Community Resources and Economic Development (CRED) Conference Models of Community Planning. Orlando, Florida.
R25 DSD People & Place A Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal. Mid Term Review. NRU, Belfast.
R26 Community Places (2011) Community Planning in Scotland, England and Wales.
R27 Edinburgh Partnership In Equal Respect: A Shared Vision. The Edinburgh Compact Strategy.
R28 Sunderland Partnership Sunderland Compact: Involvement and Consultation Code of Practice.
R29 Dumfries & Galloway (2010) Together is Better Community Planning Governance, operating and financial framework.
R30 Edinburgh Partnership Edinburgh Partnership Governance Arrangements.
R31 Chanan and Miller (2010) Practical Standards for Community Development and Empowerment, PACES.


Resources - Working Together


Power and Making Change Happen Carnegie UK

Asset Transfer - A Partnership Route Map

Stirling Community Planning Partnership Outline Structure

Single Outcome Agreements - Guidance to Community Planning Partnerships

Building Stronger Communities (Scottish Community Development Centre)

Building Stronger Communities Framework (Scottish Community Development Centre)

R1 South East Community Development Networks (2011) Working Together Strategy.
R2 Fife Partnership (2007) Fife Partnership Resource Pack.
R3 Edinburgh Partnership (2008) In Equal Respect: A Shared Vision. Edinburgh Compact Strategy.
R4 Edinburgh Partnership (2008) In Equal Respect: A Shared Vision. Edinburgh Compact Strategy Action Plan 2008-2013.
R5 DSD (2011) Concordat between the Voluntary and Community Sector and the Northern Ireland Government.
R6 WAG (2007) Communities First Guidance. Communities First Unit.
R7 Monaghan County Development Board (2002) County Development Strategy Monaghan 2002-2012 Our People Our Place.
R8 IVAR (2011) Joint approaches to joint challenges. Evaluation of the Partnership Improvement Programme 2010. Local Government Improvement and Development.
R9 Audit Scotland (2011) Good Governance Principles for Partnership Working.
R10 Audit Commission (2009) Working Better Together? Case Study Neighbourhood working in Blackburn with Darwen Strategic Partnership.
R11 Audit Commission (2009) Working Better Together? Case Study Strategic Leadership in Derby City Partnership.
R12 Showcase Taking Off Hertfordshire Residential Community – An innovative Partnership Approach.
R13 Showcase North Coventry Estate Renewal.  Coventry New Deal for Communities.


Resources - Outcomes Approach


Measuring Change - An Approach to Outcomes for the CVS 2013 (CENI)

Measuring Change - A Collaborative Approach to Outcomes Measurement

Guidance to Community Planning Partnerships on Outcomes (December 2012) Scotland

Glasgow's Single Outcome Agreement

Stirling Community Planning Partnership Single Outcome Agreement 2013-2023

Perth and Kinross Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement 2013

Outcomes Map: Politics, Influence and Participation 2013 NPC

Cardiff's Outcome Agreement with the Welsh Assembly Government

R1 Scottish National Outcomes
R2 SCDC LEAP Learning Evaluation and Planning. Using the LEAP Framework – Outcomes- Tips and Prompts.
R3 SCDC LEAP Learning Evaluation and Planning. Using the LEAP Framework – Developing Outcome Indicators.
R4 IpSOS MORI National Survey of Third Sector Organisations Cabinet Office Office of the Third Sector.
R5 Manton Community Alliance (2009) Manton Community Alliance Annual Report 2008/09.
R6 Taylor, M (2007).National Evaluation of Neighbourhood Management Pathfinders Making Social Capital Count. Manton Community Alliance.
R7 Communities Scotland Learning Connections. Delivering Change Understanding the outcomes of community learning and development. Scottish Executive.
R8 CLG (2007) The New Performance Framework for Local Authority and Local Authority Partnerships. Single Set of National Indicators. HM Government, London.
R9 Derry/Strabane Community Planning Pilot (2011) Community Planning Audit Questionnaire for Glenelly.
R10 ODPM (2005) Improving the prospects of people living in areas of multiple deprivation in England.. Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit Cabinet Office, London.
R11 Belfast Community Planning Pilot (2011) Evaluation Framework.


Resources - Achieving Alignment


Information Commissioners Office Data Sharing Checklist

Community Budgets (Voluntary Sector North West)

A Guide to Whole Place Community Budgets LGA

Co-production of Health and Wellbeing in Scotland 2013

Right Here Right Now

More Than Money

R1 PHA and DARD (2011) Evaluation of a project to Maximise access to and uptake of Services, Grants and Benefits in Rural Areas. Deloitte.
R2 Aberdeen Futures Going Local – A Guide to Neighbourhood Community Planning. Locality/Neighbourhood Planning Challenge Forum.
R3 Locality Planning Forum (2009) Working Group on the Re-design of Neighbourhood Community Planning.
R4 Community Planning in Aberdeen Bridge of Don Neighbourhood Community Plan 2010-2011.
R5 Dundee Partnership. Strathmartine Community Engagement Action Plan 2008-2011.
R6 Dundee Partnership. Strathmartine Community Planning Partnership Local Community Plan 2008-2011. How have we done so far? (2010)
R7 Dundee Partnership. Lochee Community Planning Partnership Local Community Plan 2008-2011.
R8 Lochee Community Planning Partnership Local Community Plan 2008- 2011. How have we done so far? (2010).
R9 Derry/Strabane Community Planning Pilot (2012) Local Plan Glenelly
R10 Derry/Strabane Community Planning Pilot (2012) Local Plan Waterside
R11 Belfast Strategic Partnership (2011) A Framework for Action to address Life Inequalities 2011-2015 Draft Summary.
R12 Belfast City Council Community Planning Pilot (2011) Community Planning and Local Area Working.
R13 Improvement Service (2008) Collaborative Gain Research Study. AMEY.
R14 Improvement Service (2008) Collaborative Gain Research Study Case Study Findings. AMEY.
R15 Louth County Development Board (2009) Review and Strategy 2009-2012. Louth a County of Opportunity.
R16 Galway County Development Board (2009) Priority Actions 2009-2012.
R17 Dundee Partnership (2009) Single Outcome Agreement for Dundee 2009-2012.
R18 Fife Council (2009) Fife Structure Plan 2006-2026.
R19 Belfast Community Planning Pilot (2011) Planning Cycles Insight Seminar
R20 Communities and Local Government (2010) Total Place: A Whole area approach to public services. HM Treasury.
R21 Homes and Communities Agency (2010) Total Capital. London.